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~ HA最新職位~Patient Care Assistant II (Palliative Medicine) [Grantham Hospital]

~ 最新職位詳情~

Patient Care Assistant II (Palliative Medicine) [Grantham Hospital] - (REF. NO. : HKWCS230925)

Position : Patient Care Assistant II

Department : Clinical Services Division - Palliative Medicine

Hospital : Grantham Hospital

Salary : HK$19,188 – HK$23,982 per month (See Remark 5)

Key Responsibilities: (e.g.)

3. Provide blood-taking and related duties which include taking blood specimen and preparing blood specimen labels / blood-taking materials, blood glucose analysis using blood glucose meter etc. in outreach service.

4. Measure patient’s vital signs and other physical parameters: blood pressure and pulse rate, respiration rate, body weight and body height, Body Mass Index, SPO2, glucostix, urine testing, ECG, etc.

Submit application on-line on or before 3 October 2023


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