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Career Navigation Lecture: "I Want to Be a Nurse"

Hospital Corridor
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Hospital Corridor

Lecture content

Ms. Ho Si-ting, a current nurse who was admitted to nursing school at the age of 33, shares her success story and interview skills

  • History of Nursing Development in Hong Kong     

  • Different pathways into nursing school

  • Job characteristics of different job categories

  • Ways to start planning your nursing career

  • Application Methods for Each College

  • How to prepare for interviews and written tests

  • Equip your skills

  • Sharing of success stories


Dreaming of becoming an angel in white, but...

  1. Didn’t get your public examination results as expected?

  2. Is there no chance for a liberal arts major?

  3. Is being over 30 a hopeless situation?

  4. How to deal with repeated interview failures?

  5. There are too many nursing courses on the market and you don’t know which one to choose?

  6. Enrolled/registered nurses, what is the difference?

  7. What are the characteristics of being a general/psychiatric nurse?

  8. Every year we hear that there is a shortage of jobs for nursing graduates. Is this true?

  9. I am afraid of blood, feces, urine, farts and thick phlegm. Is this not suitable for me to be a nurse?

  10. After becoming a formal nurse, what other career options are there besides working in a hospital?

A lecture to answer all your questions!

Lecture date and time: TBD

Lecture time: 1400-1700

Lecture number: TBD

Lecture duration: 3 hours

Target: Anyone who aspires to become a registered nurse in Hong Kong

Location: 7/F, Chi Wo Commercial Building, 20 Sai Kung Street, Jordan, Kowloon (Jordan MTR Station Exit B1)

Fee: HK$680/person

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