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【Comprehensive skills training for phlebotomists】

Live Phlebotomy Training Courses 
(Blood drawing + ECG operation + Intravenous Cannulation)

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Course Description

Searching for the top phlebotomy course? With the ever-increasing reliance on blood tests for medical diagnostics, there's a growing need for phlebotomists. The latest generation of phlebotomists must be adept in critical procedures such as drawing blood, indwelling intravenous cannula, and conducting electrocardiograms test, marking it as a profession with great prospects.

Our Live Phlebotomy Training Courses focus on pre-service training, efficiently teaching students the techniques of blood drawing, ECG machine operation, and intravenous cannulation, those venipuncture related skills. This hands-on training with real people ensures students are well-prepared with the necessary skills to quickly transition into their roles as phlebotomists.



Course Highlights


Real life practice


From basic to advance

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High recognition


Fast-Track to Employment

Course Content

Infection Prevention and Control Measures|Fundamental Physiology and Anatomy | Introduction and Demonstration of Phlebotomy Equipment | Phlebotomy Technique and Procedures and Aftercare |Real life Phlebotomy Practice | Introduction of Routine Blood Test | Introduction of Blood Culture Test| Introduction and Demonstration of Pediatric Phlebotomy |Blood Glucose Testing Practice | Electrocardiogram (ECG) Machine Operation |Introduction of Intravenous Infusion Solution|Introduction and Demonstration of Intravenous Cannulation Equipment |Intravenous Cannulation Technique and Procedures, and Aftercare |Real life Intravenous Cannulation Practice



Language :

Course Hours:

Entry Requirement:


Tuition :

Students who have an attendance rate of 90% (Phlebotomy and IV part are counted separately) and pass the written and practical examinations will be awarded a professional certificate.

Cantonese supplemented with English medical terms

58 hours

Age 18-55, Form 5 graduate or above (Form 3 graduate requires medical work experience)

$10800/person - Register through this page and enjoy $1000 discount

Class in Session

Graduates' Success Stories

Class P01-2023

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Training Center Location

Room C, 13/F, 518-520 Nathan Road (Nathan House), Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

Phlebotomy class schedule

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