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【Injection techniques】

Certificate Courses

Abstract Linear Background

Course Description

As Hong Kong's population ages, the demand for medical services continues to grow, making professional injection skills increasingly important. This course is designed to provide healthcare assistants with training in injection techniques, especially in areas such as intramuscular injections and subcutaneous insulin injections, to meet the increasing and diversifying needs of medical services.

The course integrates theory and practice, guiding students from the basics to advanced techniques, enabling them to master various injection skills precisely. Through simulated practice, students will gain valuable clinical experience, enhancing their professional skills and competitiveness in the industry.

Course Highlights


Combining Theory and Practice


Simulate real situations


Master injection techniques


Equip Medical Skills

Course Content

Infection Control Measures and Medical Sharps Handling | Prevention and Management of Needlestick Injuries | Theories of Injection, Risks, and Drug Classification |
Calculation of Injection Dosages and Various Injection Techniques | Management of Adverse Reactions Post-Injection | Introduction and Demonstration of Injection Equipment |
Simulated Practice of Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Injections |



Language :

Course Hours:

Entry Requirement:


Tuition :

Students who have an attendance rate of 90% (Phlebotomy and IV part are counted separately) and pass the written and practical examinations will be awarded a professional certificate.

Cantonese supplemented with English medical terms

17 hours

Age 18-55, Form 5 graduate or above (Form 3 graduate requires medical work experience)

$3000 (Ex-student discount: HK$2,800/student)

Class status

Training Center Location

Room C, 13/F, 518-520 Nathan Road (Nathan House), Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

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