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HKILD Intravenous Cannulation-Introcan
HKILD Intravenous Cannulation-Introcan
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HKILD Winged Infusion Set Blood
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HKILD Vacutainer Blood Taking
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Real-patient phlebotomy Certificate Course

Injection Techniques Course


​Graduate Student Feedback

  • Practice time was not quite sufficient; it would be better to have more practice time. The instructor was very patient and dedicated to teaching every student, with clear explanations. Class Number: P04-2023 May 2023

  • When students are unsuccessful in blood drawing practice, I hope the teacher can offer more encouragement. Class Number: P02-2023 March 2023

  • Every instructor was great, serious, and professional in teaching. Learned a lot, very responsible. It would be great if the practice sessions taught by the teacher could be shared in the GROUP for students to review. Class Number: P01-2023 March 2023

  • Detailed teaching, it would be good to increase the number of practice sessions. The course is more in-depth and practical compared to other phlebotomy courses out there, and it is noticeably more challenging. Class Number: P11-2022 October 2022

  • The teachers were great, very patient. Thank you for your teaching; the course was well designed, and the instruction was professional and dedicated. It would be even better if a set of needles could be taken home for practicing gestures. More practice time would be beneficial. Class Number: P20-21 January 2021

  • Ray Sir was very professional. It would be even better to arrange for MISS to share her work experience to understand the daily work of a phlebotomist or the emergencies they might encounter. Class Number: P05-21 April 2021

  • Very satisfied with the course, sincerely thankful to Miss Ho for her dedicated teaching, made me understand the methods for calculating medication very clearly. There are subtle areas, as I attended another injection course more than a year ago, I passed but did not understand many aspects. Class Number: IM03-21 April 2021

  • Ah sir and miss taught clearly and concisely, very practical. Thanks to the teachers for their tolerance. Class Number: P09-20 September 2020

  • The teacher was very dedicated in teaching and guiding the students. Class Number: P09-20 September 2020

  • Teacher explained in detail, taught with care, being considerate of our nervousness and understanding of the students' difficulties.

  • Miss Yan and Miss Winnie were also very gentle and took care in guiding and explaining.

  • Miss Yeung answered the course content in detail. Class Number: P09-20 September 2020

  • I am Li Shuk Ping, a student from class P08-19, and I am very happy to share my experience. A classmate and I attended a career talk held by the New Territories East Personnel Department at "Hong Kong Institute of Life Development," where they introduced phlebotomy positions. We then applied on the Hospital Authority recruitment page and soon received a call for an interview. Unfortunately, the interview clashed with the intravenous catheterization exam, so we had to ask our instructor Ray sir to postpone our exam, and he was very helpful in agreeing immediately. Ray sir even proactively shared some interview tips, which ultimately helped us pass the interview smoothly, and about a week later, we received a call from Prince of Wales Hospital for a medical check-up. I am truly grateful for Ray sir's sharing of interview skills, which allowed me and another classmate to be well-prepared for the interview and successfully secure the phlebotomy positions at the Hospital Authority. Class Number: P08-19 October 2019

  • Ah Sir is professional, knowledgeable, knows a lot. Class Number: P08-19 October 2019

  • The instructor's teaching was very detailed, very patient Ah Sir is professional, has a lot of insight, knows a lot. Class Number: P07-19 August 2019

  • There's too much to remember in the textbook. Class Number: P06-19 August 2019

  • The instructor taught with love and patience, helping me to overcome my fear of blood, truly grateful, thank you for the teaching! Class Number: P06-19 August 2019

  • IV practice should be taught earlier, it's too close to the exam time. Class Number: P06-19 August 2019

  • Very thankful for Ray Sir and the instructors who seriously guided us. Class Number: P06-19 August 2019

  • Thank you Ray Sir for the two months of cultivation, and also thanks to the staff of the institute. Learned a lot from the course. Sincerely thankful, it's a great help for my future medical work. Class Number: P03-19 April 2019

  • Hope to open more medical training classes. Class Number: P03-19 April 2019

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