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~ 最新職位~Patient Care Assistant II - (REF. NO.: NTWC-S2401021)

~ 職位詳情

Patient Care Assistant II - (REF. NO.: NTWC-S2401021)

Department / Cluster : Department of General Out-Patient Clinics, New Territories West Cluster (NTWC)

Pay :  HK$19,188 – HK$23,982 per month

(Up to 5% of total basic salary as end-of-contract gratuity may be offered to contract staff upon completion of the contract subject to satisfactory performance.)

Core duties : (such as following)

a. blood-taking and related duties which include taking blood specimen and preparing blood specimen labels/blood-taking materials, blood glucose analysis using blood glucose meter; etc;

b. ECG for patients and related duties;

c. Intravenous (IV) cannulation insertion and assessing the appropriate IV site;

Submit application on-line on or before 25 January 2024.


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