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~ HA最新職位~Patient Care Assistant II (Clinical Assistant), - (REF. NO.: KCC2306040)

~ 最新職位詳情~

Patient Care Assistant II (Clinical Assistant), Kowloon Central Cluster - (REF. NO.

: KCC2306040)

Office : Kowloon Central Cluster Pay : HK$18,335 – HK$22,916 per month (also see Remuneration) Key Responsibilities (a) Blood-taking and related duties which include taking blood specimen and preparing blood specimen labels/blood-taking materials, blood culture, blood taking for Pediatric patients, blood glucose analysis using blood glucose meter etc. (b) ECG for patients and related duties. (c) Intravenous (IV) cannulation insertion and assessing the appropriate IV site. (d) Taking care and monitoring patients’ condition while performing the blood-taking, ECG or IV process and reporting to senior in case of abnormal situations. ### Submit on-line application on or before 18 July 2023 ###


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