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ACEPT - Know Yourself and Others Workshop

Working Together on Project
Happy Couple
Parents and Child

ACEPT is the abbreviation of ACE Personality Typology, and its Chinese name is "Knowledge, Emotion, Action - Personality Typology". It was founded by Dr. Huang Jianqiang and began to be promoted in 2015. It can effectively enhance understanding and integration in interpersonal relationships.
This workshop uses the ACEPT personality classification to quickly identify your own and others' personality positioning, understand each other's sources of stress and satisfaction, and effectively manage emotions, thereby creating the best way to get along.

Workshop Content

  • Use the simple "ACEPT Personality Test" to quickly find the "personality positioning" for yourself and others.

  • Understand the satisfaction, stress sources and effective communication methods of different personalities.

  • Through real-life examples, ACEPT is applied to three major areas: work relationships, intimate relationships, and family relationships.

ACEPT Personality and Advantage Development 3 major features:

1. Personality analysis is simple and easy to understand.

2 Discover the uniqueness of your personality and understand yourself and others.

3. Make good use of personality advantages to solve problems, very practical.


1. Work relationships - Understand the different work styles of superiors, colleagues, and subordinates, and take the initiative to create a pleasant working atmosphere.

2 Intimate Relationships - Understand the love languages of different personality types, avoid friction in relationships, and maintain intimacy with each other.

3 Family Relationships - Understanding the triangular relationships between parents and children, and between husband and wife

Department, coordinate different educational programs, and teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

Class Mode:


Online personality test (video length about 5 minutes), participants are required to complete the personality classification before the physical workshop begins.

Date: On or before April 21 (Friday)


Physical Interactive Workshop (3 hours)
Through interactive games and group discussions, participants can learn about different personality traits and understand themselves and others better.

Date: April 22 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Location: Room C, 13/F, Nathan House, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon


Zoom workshop (2 hours), where participants shared their experiences through practical examples (and a Whatsapp group was set up before and after).

Date: April 29 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Instructor: Dr. Huang Jianqiang
- Founder of ACE Personality Typology
- Hong Kong Life Development Society•Personal Growth Consultant

Course Code: ACE 02-2023
Fee: HK$720.00 (early bird discount HK$650.00 payable 3 weeks before the course starts)
Quota: 25 people (first come, first served)

Registration method:
Please contact us via WhatsApp 69063436 and provide the following information to register:
1) Course Number
2) Chinese name (for receipt)
3) Contact phone number (can receive WhatsApp)

Payment methods:
Online Payment:
FPS – directly enter the account phone number 69063436
Payme – Please scan the QR Code
AlipayHK – Click on transfer → enter 69063436 Select FPS → enter the amount Bank payment:
HSBC bank counter or ATM – cash, transfer or cheque (payable to Hong Kong Life Development Association)
Account Number: HSBC Bank - 634-431936-001
(Note: Tuition fees paid will not be refunded unless the class is not held)

**After receiving the bank deposit slip or message, we will issue a company receipt confirmation as soon as possible**

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